Play Group Syllabus :


Language development Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing


  • Listening to the stories
  • Listening to rhymes and songs
  • Singing rhymes
  • Following one step directions
  • Participates in conversation with actions
  • Uses simple words
  • Names the object
  • Try to identifying the picture prints
  • Represent using marks


Pre math

and math

  • Sorting
  • Exploring shapes and primary colours.
  • Matching
  • One to one correspondence
  • Big and small ,tall-short, fat-thin concepts
  • Singing number rhymes with actions

Knowledge and

Understanding of the World

  • Listening with interest to know more
  • Explore puppets and soft toys
  • Show curiosity to explore objects
  • Identify and name a few day to day items
  • Name common animals, birds, flowers, fruits and vegetables

Creative Development

  • Engage in role play with real life objects /toys
  • Using imagination and expressing through objects

Physical Development

Gross motor

  • Activities & games related to walking forward/backward, running little distance, jumping, crawling and throwing
  • Balancing



Fine Motor

  • Clay moulding
  • Scribbling
  • Transferring objects
  • Printing independently in random place
  • Sand play and water play for finger muscles exercise
  • Tearing paper into big pieces & pasting randomly
  • Pouring, twisting and crumpling
  • Painting in big pictures by trying to hold the brush
  • Zipping buttoning and unbuttoning

Personal, Social Emotional-development

  • Learning to follow rules and routines
  • Learning to share play materials in group
  • Initiating   interaction with peer group and adults
  • Express own feelings (facial, / physical, gestures, etc)


Nursery Syllabus :

English Language Listening and Speaking

  • Listening to stories, rhymes and songs
  • Singing/reciting songs with the actions
  • Participating during the group discussions
  • Talk about the objects
  • Use greetings-good morning, good after noon etc
  • Ask questions and answers
  • Using theme related vocabulary. Recalling and retelling the practical experiences

Pre math Concepts

  • Sorting, matching and grouping activities
  • Comparing speed, fast-slow and Quantities more -less
  • Use positional concepts in/ out/up/ down with actions
  • One to one correspondence
  • Recreating pattern
  • Reciting numbers in sequence (1 to 20)
  • Identifying primary colours (red, green, blue, yellow ) and shapes (circle, triangle, square …)
  • Drawing simple shapes related pictures


  • Counting in sequence (1 -50)
  • Counting numbers with objects from(1 -10)
  • Numbers recognition (1- 10)
  • Singing number rhymes


  • 1-Here I come
  • 2-Marvellous Me
  • 3-My senses
  • 4-Home Sweet Home
  • 5-My Secret Garden
  • 6-Keeping Clean
  • 7-Clothes I Wear
  • 8-Food We Eat
  • 9-My World in Colours
  • 10-Amazing animals
  • 11-Toys
  • 12 Shapes around me
  • 13- Day and night/Seasons
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1. Vineeth Kumar 30/01/2013

Very Good Syllabus seems good thought process....

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Nicely designed..Well done!! :)

3. Pavan Puri (link) 30/01/2013

Nicely design...Well done

4. Abhijit Jadhav 29/01/2013

Nice & playful syllabus


butterflyplayschool On 29/01/2013

Thanks Abhijit.

5. Shrikant Yegade 29/01/2013

Nice website and cool syllabus.


butterflyplayschool On 29/01/2013

Yes, We are really focus on Best teaching for kids growth.

6. SACHIN KANCHAN 29/01/2013

Very good syllabus and definitely having good vision for kids.

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